January & February are tricky times of the year that can often leave your feeling dulling and not your normal happy, bouncy self!  So, if you’re looking for a mood boost or you want to cheer up a friend who needs some positive energy, our NEOM ‘Scent To Make You Happy’ has you covered!


What is NEOM Scent To Make You Happy Range?

The deliciously scented range is an expert blends of essential oils for an uplifting effect on your mind and body. The natural ingredients and essential oils used in this range are there to give you with the FEEL-GOOD factor, helping to give your overall wellbeing a boost and keep you feeling like the best version of you.

The natural scents and fragrances from these essential oils are purposefully chosen for their uplifting qualities and associated benefits, perfect for anyone looking for a mood boost or pick-me-up. Used alongside daily wellbeing rituals and routines, these essential oils can work to balance emotions and keep you feeling positive.


What are the key essential oils in the range?

/ Lavender

/ Peppermint

/ Mimosa

/ Orange

/ Neroli


How can I introduce NEOM Scent To Make You Happy Range into my life?

1. Inhale the Potent Essential Oils

Diffusers and candles are a super-easy way to inhale the damn good scents of essential oils. The kick-ass thing about using expert blends (like ours with 10% essential oils in them) in your home means you get a long-lasting uplifting fragrance that will linger around your home. Yes, please! A diffuser is really an all-day fuss-free scenter that works by allowing the essential oil to evaporate, releasing powerful scents into the room. Try our luxury Scented Candle and Happiness Reed Diffuser for the ultimate mood-boost experience.

2. Make Your Bath Or Shower Work Twice As Hard

For a relaxing mood-boosting routine, try adding a few drops of our essential oil blend into a hot bath or shower to release those happy vibes and clear the mind of chaotic thoughts.

3. Spritz your Home

A home mist, like our Happiness Home Mist, is the perfect way to surround your home with the natural kick-ass scents of mood-boosting essential oils.
Spray in any room of your home and enjoy those natural fragrances.

4. Nourish & Soften Skin

Our body lotions expertly blend potent essential oils with nourishing natural oils like shea and argan oil – which is a double whammy. Not only do the essential oils work on your mind, your body gets a moisture boost too. Win, win.


NEOM Scent To Make You Happy products are available at Vitality Spa in Wrightington, Wigan.

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