Dreaming of more sleep?

Neom sleep candles could be exactly what you’re looking for…

It’s hard to switch off from our busy lives and lots of our guests at Vitality Spa comment on how they need a little extra help to catch some z’s. The Vitality challenge is to inject each and every salon guest with a shot of wellbeing and we are passionate about helping you to feel good about yourself and revitalised.

Sleep plays an enormous role in feeling good about ourselves. It becomes obvious when we are sleep deprived, we start making mistakes and the creative juices just don’t flow. When we’ve been thinking all day, we start to build up toxins in our brain.

During sleep, our brain is physically cleaned and becomes free from all the toxins that we’ve built up during the day. How? I hear you ask. Our brain cells shrink and create a gap between the neurons in the brain. This reduces the amount of information being transmitted and allows fluid to wash away the toxins.

Now that’s all well and good but some of us just can’t doze off to sleep, or no matter how sleepy we are, you just end up tossing and turning all night. Perhaps you’re even awake before the crack of dawn, leaving you with a lot less than your precious 8 hours.

At Vitality Spa, we have fallen in love (& asleep) after being introduced to the delightful Neom Organics Tranquillity Scented Sleep Candle!

Whether you are treating yourself to a little dose of luxury or you are gifting someone special, the Tranquillity Candle has been expertly blended to help you relax and prepare for sleep. Containing English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine plus 16 other essential oils it guaranteed that 88% of users had A Better Night’s Sleep.

So we challenge you: for one night, you put down your phone, run a nice hot bubble bath, light your Neom candles and switch out the lights. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference the following morning.

Take a look at our full range of Neom Tranquillity treatments and we’ll be happy to take you on a journey to the land of Nod.