We’ve all been there when we’ve said to those around us: “I could really do with a massage.” But how many of you actually book in for that massage? That’s what we thought! It may seem like a luxury or perhaps an indulgence that you can only justify as a birthday treat, but having regular massages can really benefit your overall health. Vitality Spa Wrightington are here to tell you why:

Beat Anxiety and Depression

With anxiety and depression you can often feel on edge and your mood will be low. By putting your worries aside and indulging in a massage, you can reduce the amount of cortisol (a known stress hormone) your body produces. This can help reduce your blood pressure, soothe your thoughts and lift your mood.

Sleep Better

Why do you think it’s soooo easy to fall asleep whilst on the massage table? A full body massage is designed to help the body reach a state of deep relaxation. With such pampering, it will be hard to concentrate on anything else other than letting go. The products we use within our Decleor Aromassage ultimately release stress from top to toe and encourages deep relaxation. With one of these, we guarantee you’ll have a lovely night’s sleep.

Release the Pain

Deep massage uses techniques to target deeper layers of your muscles, releasing tension and easing pain. It will also increase your blood circulation, ensuring there is a good blood supply to your muscles. If you’re in pain, this will help it heal faster and repair the connective tissues. Sometimes you can even feel your masseuse untie those knots you have in your muscles. The release of tension will be just what you need.

Boost your Immune System

Research has proven that massage increases the amount of white blood cells in the body. These will come in handy when fighting off those nasty germs and will build up your immune system.

Goodbye Headaches

Our day to day lives can leave us with pounding headaches by the time the day comes to an end. Whether it’s a migraine or brought on by stress and tensions, it has been proven that massages can immediately improve our perception of pain. It can also decrease the frequency you are getting them too.

Why not pop in to see us at Vitality Spa and we can target your problematic areas. Remember, it’s good for you and your wellbeing! You don’t need any more excuses than that.