Masterminded by the NEOM team of 11 wellbeing experts and drawing together the most effective of 6 therapies - meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology - created to provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits. Wellbeing & Mini treatments 90 minutes each.

Wellbeing - De-Stress


The Neom intensive skin treatment candle oil is drizzled over the skin then massaged into every inch of the body.

Wellbeing - Sleep


Throughout this sleep inducing treatment, we drizzle the NEOM intensive skin treatment candle oil over the skin, and massage every inch of the body.

Wellbeing - Energise


This treatment begins with the NEOM body scrub. You will then be enveloped in a NEOM energising cream clay mask. Whilst your body mask is on, enjoy a face and scalp pressure point massage.

Wellbeing - Happiness


Your skin will be buffed head to toe using NEOM body scrub. Then enjoy specialist massage techniques on the back, shoulders, face and scalp.

NEOM Pregnancy Body Treatment


This top-to-toe treatment begins with a pregnancy specific 5 minute guided meditation and includes back exfoliation, using a blend of wild mint and mandarin to help naturally lift your mood, as well as a 'Mothers-to-be' massage and scalp massage. Your therapist will work on areas of the body which hold tension, ensuring the deepest state of relaxation is achieved.

NEOM Pregnancy Back Massage


Settle in with our pregnancy cushion for a nurturing massage to help ease away all those aches and pains.